czwartek, 21 października 2021




 Flasks trimmed with natural Carpathian deer skin with a capacity of 8 Oz

Leather stainless steel flask
Capacity 8 Oz  Angler engraver

 Leather tags  necklace made of vegetable-tanned deer leather.

The necklace is designed to install 5 to 10 tags.

Has 5 carabiners.

The length is 93 to 95 cm



sobota, 9 października 2021


An exclusive leather cover for a fly reel.

Fits all types of fly reels.

It has two functions:

- safe transport of a reel installed on any fly rod

- safe transport without a rod

- fastened with a strong Velcro with adjustment

The case is made of vegetable-tanned deer skin.
The trim of darker leather is made of goatskin.

The lining of the cover is made of a delicate fleece.

Available in three sizes:

M- AFTM 2-4

L - AFTM 4-8

XL - AFTM 8-12

piątek, 1 października 2021

 An exclusive case for artificial flies or wobblers made of Carpathian deer leather sheath leather, lined inside with delicate lamb skin.

Dimensions of the closed box

height 17 cm
width 12 cm

We recommend it to all anglers

środa, 22 września 2021

 Orginal leather Chest Pack, vest
Made of vegetable-tanned deer leather.
Finishing touches - goatskin trim
Breathable lining
Very light and waterproof. Leather impregnated with nanotechnology.
-Two large front zip pockets
- two small ones with a lock
- a handle for a detacher
-5x eyelet to attach any tags
-From the back of the D-Ring for attaching a landing net
Two types of clasp (adjustable clasp)
-The lock
-on naps

One size fits all on the sturdy side straps
In summer you can use it on a shirt, in autumn on a jacket - fully adjustable
s, m, l, xl, xxl
-Possibility to personalize the print, laser, any logo, name

Each vest comes with a set of leather patches and fly dryers for free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wtorek, 31 sierpnia 2021


  Hello everyone.

 From 04/09/2021 to 09/12/2021 

We test our products together with PW&I on the beautiful Balkan rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 We cut tubes for you after your return on 13/09/2020. If you have any questions, write 

Best Regards
Łukasz Wal


sobota, 14 sierpnia 2021

Leather box for pike and salmon flies


An exclusive case for artificial flies or wobblers made of deer sheath leather, lined inside with delicate lambskin.

Dimensions: height 25.5 cm, usable width of the center 3 cm x 25 cm, after folding 14 cm x 25 cm
You can choose from salmon or pike baked on a box.
Can be ordered without firing.