We have been on the market for 75 years. This is already the third generation.

 We are one of the few companies of this type in our country.

Our traditions and gained experience pay off in the quality of our products.
 Fly fishing and hunting are our family passion.
That is why I approach our products with heart. We test them ourselves for years before we introduce the product to the market.
 Each product is made of leather that my Dad prepares for me.
The products are made at the client's individual request.
This is a small manufacture.
We do not make large orders, which allows us to create the highest quality products.
I cut and sew all products by hand in our workshop. I select the appropriate type and class of natural leather for each product. I put my heart into each product and I make it with passion.
It is inspired by the natural raw material leather is and what our ancestors used during fishing and hunting.

Leather has been the most valued material for centuries, and with modern tanning technology, you can work wonders with it.

I cordially greet You from my little studio tubymuchowe.pl

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