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Exclusive large 128 oz, 3.8 L flask, upholstered in high-quality Carpathian deer leather.

It is widely known that men like big… things. That is why the Giant Flask is a gadget that they will especially like. This oversized flask is made of stainless steel and is really roomy: it holds up to 3.8 L of alcohol! If you've ever thought that a regular flask is definitely too small, this one will fully meet your needs ...

Despite its size, you can still take it with you everywhere. What's more: we guarantee it will be the perfect companion for most crazy parties! The Giant Flask is also a fun and practical gift for your eighteenth birthday, birthday, Boy's Day or wedding - especially if it contains alcohol.

The gadget in a nutshell:

    giant flask size XXL capacity 3.8 L, 128 Oz
    quench your thirst in an equally large size
    made of stainless steel and leather.

The hip flask is covered with leather and placed in a padded leather case, which allows it to be worn on the shoulder. In the upper part of the case there is an additional clasp fastened with a press stud.
The shoulder strap is adjustable in length and has a brass buckle.
Great for a gift or party.

Possibility of engraving on the flask and on the case. Two engravings. Any logotype or wishes, names, nicknames, animals, etc.


height 33 cm     12.99 inch
width 21 cm       8.26 inch
5 cm thick           1.96 inch

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