wtorek, 22 lutego 2022

 Exclusive, leather, single-chamber tubes for fly fishing rods.

The biggest tube I make. Bazuka among the tubes.

The 160 mm diameter 6 5/16 '' inch is impressive.

It easily houses 10 fly rods in different classes.

Both the bottom of the tube and the cork are glued with the highest quality soft and delicate natural lambskin, which protects your precious rods.

A strap and a hand grip are attached to such a tube as standard.

You can agree the length yourself by writing a message to me before purchasing.
Possibility to personalize the tube. It can be a name, nickname, graphic ... etc.

An example in a photo gallery.

They are made of natural, tanned Carpathian deer skin. The inside of the tube is a strong insert made of stiff PVC that perfectly protects the rods.

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