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Original leather, hand-made Holster for a net, a holster for a landing net.

Keep your fly net safe and out of the way until you need it.
The last thing you want to worry about while hauling a fish is whether your landing gear is within reach. Made to keep your net secure and out of the way, our net pouch locks the net in place on your hip, backpack or boat frame until you're ready to pick up the fish.
The leather on the handle is protected against water with a special impregnation in nano technology.
It has a practical and universal belt clip.

Dimensions: "L"

total height - 16 cm - 6.29 in
landing net pocket height - 12 cm - 4.72 in

Top width - 14 cm - 5.51 in
bottom width - 7 cm - 2.75 in
Rear grip belt width - 4 cm - 1.57 in
can be installed on - 5 cm - 1.96 cm waist wader belt.

On request, I will make any size of the handle. 



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